GurumDDS is a DDS that supports the robot operating system (ROS2) and provides a GurumDDS Routing Service (RS) optimized for remote communication with the robot.

Robotics in Nowadays

Due to the rapid development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robot technology, connectivity between robots and robots, robots and the Internet, robots and infrastructure, and robots and people are becoming more important issues than ever.


ROS was the most commonly used operating system in the robot family. However, there were problems such as single robot support, no real-time support, and the need for excellent network connectivity. So ROS2 supports multi-loggers and comes up with solutions such as real-time system and network condition mitigation.


Global companies are actively absorbing core capabilities needed to tap into the robot market through M&A. Major areas that are intensively investing and introducing robots are smart homes and logistics robots, and investment in industrial robots, which have traditionally been driving the robot market, especially cooperative robots that can collaborate with humans, is being actively carried out.

AI (Artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence (AI) robots are in increasing demand in various applications such as military and defense, personal support and care, and inventory management

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As 2020 is a major turning point in the development of robots using ROS2, the robot industry is expected to grow rapidly, and GurumDDS, which is a real-time communication standard, is expected to play an active role.




DDS is applied to ROS2 to provide real-time communication service.


DDS interlocking in WAN section using GurumDDS RS (Routing Service). Because ROS2 includes Quality of Service (QoS), one of the DDS' services, data can be set up to suit the needs and purposes of the data with simple settings.


WAN section data protection using DTLS ( Datagram Transport Layer Security)

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Robotis applied GurumDDS as a standard for real-time communication middleware of ROS2, which is a robot operating system, and produced successful results by receiving more than the required level of performance from outdoor self-driving robots.
LG Electronics

LG Electronics

By supplying GurumDDS technology to LG Electronics' robots in 2019, it is establishing itself as an important core technology in South Korea's robot industry.

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LG Electronics

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GurumDDS is a distributed communication middleware which executes data-centric real time publishing and subscription.



GurumDDS RMW  is ROS2 middleware which connects between ROS2 and DDS.



GurumDDS Routing Service(GurumDDS RS) is a DDS-specific routing solution that enables DDS to communicate across LANs.

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