Railway systems

GurumDDS supports real-time railway safety integrated monitoring.

Railways in Nowadays

The railway industry is at a pivotal point with infrastructure obsolescence, labor maturity, global population growth and limited budgets.

In terms of safety and economic feasibility, railways are solidifying their position as an efficient means of transportation in the city that contributes to global warming control policies such as urban and urban connections and low carbon emissions.


Until now, the quality of railways has been secured as total by achieving safety or reliability independently in the technology sector. However, technological advances are producing complex intertwined areas as well as system magnification.

Smart Train

Many of the vehicles currently operating without personnel are in the form of driving safely and quickly to their destinations, quickly determining whether the route is serviceable through signal devices and giving them the right to travel. They exchange operational data with control rooms in real time, and all of them are operated by remote control alone.


Many of the trains that used to run on fossil fuels in the past are making a lot of efforts to operate on hydrogen fuel cells, an eco-friendly material, as times change.

Our Unique Services

GurumDDS is applied to railway safety control system. By applying DDS, many advantages and functions can be added to the railway control system.


Real-Time Control and Monitoring

By applying DDS, railway safety can be monitored in real-time.

Collecting Data Securely

Systematically classifies large amounts of data and safely transports, collects, and sorts them using our own systems.

IDL-based Standardized Data Modeling

Standardize data formats in DDS IDL format based on Legacy protocol and set up QoS for railways conditions.

Success Stories

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Korea Railroad Research Institute & DAEA Ti

The Korea Railroad Research Institute has secured railway safety in real time by applying the GurumDDS, and it is now possible to send the collected huge amount of data safely through QoS.

Our Customers (Railways)

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Our Products

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GurumDDS is a distributed communication middleware which executes data-centric real time publishing and subscription.


GurumDDS Gateway

GurumDDS Gateway extends the interworking range of DDS limited to LAN environments to the WAN.

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