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GurumNetworks provides DDS to IoT in line with the rapidly developing IoT industry and all the technologies that are becoming data.

DDS in IoT

Due to the rapid growth of the IoT market, it is expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2022. Despite such growth, however, network structure is becoming more complex, stability in the situation of network device failure, a surge in the number of devices participating in IoT, and different QoS required for data units are occurring.

To solve this problem, introduction of DDS standards is spreading in IoT markets, and there are already many cases of introduction and standardization.

DDS being standardized in many industries

Many IoT-enabled companies, including Volkswagen of Germany and Prorail of Europe, are applying and standardizing DDS.

Development of DDS Router technology to support low power devices through DDS function distribution

DDS Router virtualizes low power devices to participate in the Global Data Space and to ensure data QoS on low power devices that did not guarantee existing QoS.


A protocol for participating in DDS communication in very low-performance devices, which stands for Data Distribution Service Extreme Resource Constructed Environments. Support for DDS XML specifications enables easy QoS management and sharing by topic.


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Router-type DDS

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Middleware Form DDS

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Compliance DCPS(DDS API Standard) Compliance
Compliance RTPS(DDS Protocol Standard) Compliance
Windows, Linux, RTOS Supported OS Windows, Linux, RTOS
C/C++ Supported Language C/C++, Java, C#
UDP/Ethernet Based Network Protocol UDP/Ethernet
Router QoS Guaranteed Location IoT Devices


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GurumDDS is a distributed communication middleware which executes data-centric real time publishing and subscription.



GurumDDS XRCE is DDS technology for low-power devices.

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