GurumDDS Routing Service(GurumDDS RS) is a DDS-specific routing solution that enables DDS to communicate across LANs.

GurumDDS RS is software that runs on the OS. Thus, users do not need dedicated hardware. Users can configure GurumDDS RS on nodes in their existing DDS infrastructure, or in a separate node form to avoid performance degradation caused by running other software.

  • Encrypt DDS data in WAN (applied DTLS)
  • Easy setting
  • No need to change existing DDS infrastructure
  • DDS Vendor neutral
  • Local Network-Remote Network connection
  • Support DDS multicasting in WAN
  • Compress DDS data in WAN

Domain Management: GurumDDS RS uses the Domain Management subsystem to collect and communicate the information needed to correlate each GDS to the Communication Management subsystem.

Communication Management: The GurumDDS RS communicates with the Remote GDS in the external DDS RS via GDS Map and Bridging. This gives DDS Domain Participants scattered across the WAN the same effect as LAN communication.

Data Management: The data management subsystem of the GurumDDS RS provides data management functions such as Data Encryption, Priority Controller, Smart Data Compression, and Smart Multicasting. It provides Data Encryption via DTLS, a standard cryptographic communication protocol, provides priority management by topic through Priority Controller, reduces network traffic through Smart Data Compression, and optionally transmits multi-icast traffic through Smart Multicasting.


GurumDDS Routing Service (GurumDDS RS) is software that extends the logical area of communication on a DDS to Global Data Space (GDS) so that DDS, a technology that operates on a LAN, can also operate on a WAN such as the Internet.


Smart Multicasting

Automatically analyze relation between publisher-subscriber of data to send traffic

Smart Data Compression

Analyze data characteristics to automatically compress compression-efficient data

Data Encryption

prevent attacks in WAN environment using DTLS, standard encryption protocol

Data Priority Control

Prioritize data to send critical data first
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