GurumDDS supports wind power generation remote operation systems.

Wind power generation

The global offshore wind power industry set a new record in 2019 with the addition of 6.1GW, accounting for 10% of new installations worldwide for the first time. The cumulative capacity exceeds 29 GW and accounts for 4.5% of the total cumulative capacity.

In the early 21st century, it accounted for a tiny fraction of its energy sources, but at the end of 2019, it established itself as a major source of clean, price-competitive energy in the global market. In 2019, the global wind power market has accumulated 651GW of facilities, and growth is expected to continue in Asia, the U.S. continent and Europe. With the advancement of land-based wind power generation technology, governments and international organizations are adopting offshore wind power as a "game changer" for energy conversion.

Leading Market Growth

In recent decades, wind power has become a mainstream source of energy from a very small proportion. Wind power accounted for 15 percent of the EU's electricity needs in 2019, becoming China's third-largest energy source and the largest new energy source in the global market.

Hybrid Solution: Integrated Renewable Energy

Hybrid methods that combine wind energy with other energy sources or combine with ESS are addressed as major topics in the wind and renewable energy industries. Hybrid solutions offer opportunities to replace fossil fuels in mature markets such as Europe, the United States and Australia, and in grids in fast-growing Southeast Asian markets, while at the same time increasing the proportion of renewable energy.

Green hydrogen

Hydrogen is attractive to policymakers and investors in that it replaces fossil fuels in transportation and heating, is used as a low-carbon resource in industrial processes, is used as an energy carrier and provides low-carbon models to oil and gas companies. Furthermore, energy conversion requires "green hydrogen" produced from renewable energy without carbon emissions.

When the wind is strong, electricity is produced and hydrogen is produced from the remaining power, and flexible and transportable energy can be provided throughout the energy system.

Our Unique Services

We are preparing the future by applying DDS to wind power generation system so that all of data sent from the system got piled up securely and control easily.



Real-Time Control and Monitoring

By applying DDS,  wind generators can be operated remotely in real-time according to the situation.

Collecting Data Securely

Systematically classifies large amounts of data and safely transports, collects, and sorts them using our own systems.

IDL-based Standardized Data Modeling

Standardize data formats in DDS IDL format based on Legacy protocol and set up QoS for energy generating conditions.

Success Stories

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Doosan Heavy Industry & Construction

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has applied the GurumDDS and GurumDDS Router to wind power generators, allowing the turbines to be controlled and inspected remotely. In addition to delivering a lot of data securely, IDL-based standardized data modeling has become possible.

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GurumDDS is a distributed communication middleware which executes data-centric real time publishing and subscription.


GurumDDS Gateway

GurumDDS Gateway extends the interworking range of DDS limited to LAN environments to the WAN.

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