C4I systems(Defense)

GurumNetworks is providing DDS to optimize defense and aerospace systems that are more complex and data-intensive than ever before.

C4I system(Defense)

The C4I system is an abbreviation of C3I, which stands for Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence, with Computer combined.

In order for a commander to successfully command and control on the battlefield, he or she needs accurate time, time, and accurate information, and the means of communication must be used to disseminate or transmit information quickly.

By organically integrating and computerizing these four elements of command, control, communication, and information, this is the C4I system that enables commanders to have real-time operational response capabilities.


Faster information transfer

With the C4I system in place, information is mainly delivered through computer terminals, and now the reconnaissance team can use the terminals to quickly inform the entire troops of the enemy's position without having to shout directly by radio anymore.

Decrease the likelihood of information deterioration

Because all information is shared by all units, inter-unit linkage or mutual support is much easier, and the time difference in the ordering and information delivery processes is dramatically reduced. It is also less likely that the information received by the recipient of the information will be corrupted because the information entered by the sender is delivered as it is.


The location change of our troops is also immediately shared with all units, which means that the possibility of a misinterpretation between our forces is very low. The location of our troops is also immediately reflected, so fewer cases will be misjudged because they do not know how other troops are moving.


The drone industry is one of the eight major leading businesses in innovative growth and is a convergence of high-tech industries such as aviation, information and communication (ICT), software (SW), and sensors.

Currently, competition is heating up for business* market preoccupation by countries such as the U.S., China and Europe, as an unexplored market and the largest promising market industry.

It is expected that new markets will also open in transportation and transportation sectors such as the emergence of large unmanned aircraft and the commercialization of drones for autonomous flights to personal vehicles.


Growing from military to private sector such as hobby and photography, it can be used in various fields, including safety diagnosis, surveillance and measurement, and delivery of goods.

Efficiency and cost savings

In addition to manufacturing parts and finished machines, we expect to create rear markets such as operation and service, improve efficiency, and reduce costs in the field of utilization.

Optimum test bed

Drones can be used as an optimal test bed for applying and verifying common core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, nano (complex and small), and 3D printing (geometry).

Our Unique Services

GurumDDS is applied to a system that interworks C4I systems. GurumDDS interworks C4I systems in real time that are made on various platforms and languages.

DDS is used for drones to help smooth communication between land, sea and air. It also applies DDS to connecting about 100 drones with ground control systems and makes communication between drones possible.



Data Bus

DDS(Data Distribution Service) provides a communication model, Data bus. Data Bus is a data-driven communication model in which multiple systems can communicate, and when one system publishes specific data, the system subscribes to that data. There is an advantage of reducing the complexity of connections when interworking multiple systems.

Data Qos

Data QoS is specified to provide optimized communication by attributes of data. QoS is basically for managing traffic in today's packet-based networks and includes the following features:

- Prioritize traffic based on protocol, address, and port number.
- Filter traffic when received or sent.
- Controls the bandwidth that the device is allowed to transmit or receive.
- Read and write QoS behavior requirements from packet headers.
Controls congestion so that the device sends traffic with the highest priority based on the scheduler priority.
- Use the Random Early Detection (RED) algorithm to control packet loss so that the device knows which packets should be dropped or processed.

Autonomous Cooperation Management

By applying DDS to drones and allowing unmanned vehicles on land, air, and sea to communicate autonomously, there is no disruption in delivery.

Success Stories

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Korea Army Signal School

Korea Army Signal School had a small efficiency due to its 1:1 interlocking system and needed an efficient system as the field management system became more complex and the amount of data increased. Therefore, by using GurumDDS, it changed to binary method and N:N interlock method, reducing complexity when various systems are linked, and also using Data QoS to optimize data at the same time.

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Our Products

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Gurum DDS

GurumDDS is a distributed communication middleware which executes data-centric real time publishing and subscription.



GurumDDS RMW  is ROS2 middleware which connects between ROS2 and DDS.



GurumDDS Routing Service(GurumDDS RS) is a DDS-specific routing solution that enables DDS to communicate across LANs.


GurumDDS Gateway

GurumDDS Gateway extends the interworking range of DDS limited to LAN environments to the WAN.

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