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GurumNetworks Aims at

Cloud is made up of numerous small particles, which constantly changes, can go anywhere, and is used to predict the future. We would like to become a cloud-like enterprise in this world

We would like to make a world where ‘The Right Data, The Right Place, The Right Time’ is realized.

Careers and Recruitment

GurumNetworks specializes in network system S/W platforms, providing network operating systems, network middleware and network gateways. We also provide various S/W network components to provide the network platform business.

This expansion of network gateway-based network systems is helping us grow into a network professional enterprise and enter the global market.

GurumNetworks welcomes you who want to grow together as the best network engineer.

Your Team Is Your Greatest Asset

GurumNetworks has the best team members to join you.

Recruitment Procedure

Job application submission

You can apply in using Job Korea.

Document selection

The results will be notified individually only for successful applicants.


Conduct an interview to check your job, major, and experience.


We have test to check your personality and ability.

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