GurumNetworks combines DDS with self-driving cars based on ROS to enable faster data transmission and reception.

Autonomous in Nowadays

One of the hottest areas in the automotive sector will be autonomous driving. Global automotive OEMs are already evolving from Level 2 to Level 3 / 4.

Level 3 refers to the driver driving upon request of the system, which enables the system to understand the situation and perform actions such as low-speed driving, highway driving, and automatic lane change during traffic congestion.

Level 4 means that the driver does not intervene in the system, which means that the system operates on set roads and conditions.


Because self-driving cars drive and park themselves, it is very convenient because people do not have to drive themselves.


In the case of a car accident, which mainly results from a driver's mistake, the self-driving system is safer than the actual driver's direct driving because it drives under set roads and conditions.

Increased efficiency of transportation resources

In the case of human driving, delays due to waiting time, etc. occur at intersections, but when autonomous driving becomes common, automatic crossing at intersections becomes possible stops. In addition, as the unused hours of cars are greatly reduced through the sharing system, the efficient use of resources increases as the hours of use of cars increase.

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Autonomous car


GurumDDS is a distributed communication middleware which executes data-centric real time publishing and subscription.



GurumDDS RMW  is ROS2 middleware which connects between ROS2 and DDS.



GurumDDS Routing Service(GurumDDS RS) is a DDS-specific routing solution that enables DDS to communicate across LANs.

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